Save money on health foods @... Marshall's?!


If anyone asks where my favorite place to shop for healthy food finds is, they might be surprised by my answer: Marshalls! I often go there for discount clothing, but their packaged food aisle was shockingly great and filled with healthy snacks. I wanted to see if you could save money shopping there and put my hypothesis to the test with an online price-check comparison.

Here are direct side by side comparisons of how much I would spend at other places!

Nactave Organic Agave Sweetener


Retail Price: $9.36 for 15.25 Oz.

Marshall's Price: $3.99 for 15.25 Oz.

Kala Beautiful Beans: Tropical Curry

As a disclaimer Kala's website says the items are only available at Sprouts stores. I don't have one nearby and found the only option available for sale on amazon of another flavor. 


Retail Price: $8.86

Marshall's Price:Oz. $2.99

Maui & Sons Coconut Chips


Retail Price: $3.40 ($20.45/6 bags)

Marshall's Price: $2.99

Tru-nut Powdered Peanut Butter Chocolate


Retail Price: $4.19

Marshall's Price: $3.99

Each item checked out cheaper at Marshall's than online store options! Check it our for yourself and let me know your saings :)