Green & Diverse: Vapour Beauty

As most of you know by now, I love green beauty products! Recently I made a mistake and used a non-green beauty product on my skin and I broke out. Everywhere. I haven't broken out that badly since high school and my face is still recovering a month later. 

I was looking for a new foundation that wouldn't clog up my pores and I connected with the team at Vapour Beauty. I was super excited because not only were the products non-toxic, they also had a range of skin colors for women of color. While a lot of brands pride themselves in being environmentally friendly, they forget about us women with darker skin! It makes me so sad when the darkest color a brand has is "tan". Thankfully Vapour was able to match the correct color of my skin just by looking at a photo. I was skeptical at first, but when the foundation came, I held it next to my hand and it was almost the exact same color. 


This foundation is very liquid-y so a little goes a long way. It gives me a Rihanna-like dewy look without becoming extremely oily throughout the day. This was my first foundation of this consistency, but I've been using it every day and it works well! I used two products above for the below photo-shoot and loved how my skin looked!


They just launched new glass packaging that also makes it better for the environment. This checks off the three things on my list I normally look for when picking a makeup brand 1) non-toxic ingredients 2) commitment to diversity 3) eco-friendly packaging. 


I'd recommend checking them out and giving them a try if you're looking for an innovative and eco-friendly green beauty brand. I've honestly never felt a formula just like theirs that glides on so smoothly.