Purse For The People: Bags With a Sustainable Mission


The fast fashion industry has unfortunately had detrimental impacts on the environment and that's why I gravitate towards brands with a sustainable mission. Don't worry, you can still find the styles you like at non-fast fashion companies with a good mission for both people and the planet. I connected with Purse For The People founder Carole Murphy to discuss her sustainable bag company and the mission behind it. 

Q: What is your background and what inspired you to create Purse For The People?

Purse For The People was created because we believe fashion can be both beautiful and not harmful to the planet. The fashion industry is the second biggest polluter, and many workers who create “fast fashion” items are working and living in terrible conditions. That is why at Purse For The People we use organic, naturals.  Most of our materials come from the rainforests and follow standards that benefit everyday lives of the artisans living there.

Q: How are sustainability and women empowerment part of the mission of PFTP? 

Purse For The People sponsors #gratitude4thegoddess which is an online site that allows women to send each other Ecards with empowering messages. It is so important to help each other and show appreciation to all the women that are doing great things! As for sustainability, with our manufacturing method, we create zero waste. Bags are designed online by the customer, so they truly get the perfect bag for them!

I love my  Juniper Rattan Handbag  because it has a lot of room and the color fits perfectly with my wardrobe. It's made from sustainably sourced and eco-friendly rattan.  

I love my Juniper Rattan Handbag because it has a lot of room and the color fits perfectly with my wardrobe. It's made from sustainably sourced and eco-friendly rattan.  

Q: What do you wish more people knew about slow, ethical, and sustainable fashion? 

I wish people were more knowledgeable about how harmful the fashion industry really is. Consumer activism is on the rise and we can all make a difference with our purchasing power and demand that textiles, clothes and accessories be made with concern for the health of the environment.

Many people believe it is too expensive or challenging to become sustainable, when in reality it is possible. To put things in perspective about the fast fashion industry: it takes about 7,000 liters of water to produce one pair of jeans. That's about the same amount of water someone drinks in about 5 years. Also 10.5 tons of clothing are sent to landfills every year. By allowing our customers to create their own bag, we hope they create something they love and cherish and will keep it for a very long time.  If and when the items are disposed of, they will decompose without adding toxic chemicals or particles to the the environment.


Q: What are your favorite products and why? 

I think my favorite bag is our backpack (#7 from the survey) style that is currently in development. 


Thank you Carole for starting such an inspirational company that is both eco-friendly and stylish! Shop their collection here

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