Conscious Everyday Organic Basics For Your Closet

As my wardrobe becomes more minimalistic, I’m always on the lookout for basics. Basic, solid-colored, clothing that can pair with almost anything. That’s when I discovered Organic Basics, a brand that prides itself in selling ‘conscious everyday essentials’ which is pretty much my jam!

Let’s look at their triple P’s and how they rank with People + Profit + The Planet

The Planet

Organic basics uses organic materials in their clothing that doesn’t use toxic substances. This is both great for your skin AND the environment. Their cotton is grown with no pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or nasty chemicals that could run off into the ocean and disturb aquatic ecosystems. In their own words below they explain WHY fast fashion isn’t sustainable and what they’re doing to help reshape the apparel industry:

“We think that buying poor quality, fast fashion is a lot like peeing your pants when you’re cold. It feels nice at first, but it’s not so good later on. Nothing is less sustainable and more frustrating than something that falls apart after a wear and a wash, right? Buying better made means investing in quality that lasts. For the most sustainable results, we focus right across the supply chain. From our soft, long form GOTS certified organic cotton, produced just outside Izmir, Turkey, to our longer lasting, simplistic Scandinavian designs. We focus on the big things like our packaging, the management of waste water, and keeping our transportation grounded. However we even focus on the little things like the LED lights used in our local European factories.”


Everyone along the supply chain is treated fairly and as they should be treated - as humans worthy of a safe + healthy workplace. That means fair wages, no discrimination, and freely chosen employment (no sweat shops or slavery) for all employees. When you’re looking at companies to purchase from, make all the P’s are there and that people are being taken care of as well! Organic Basics seems to get that. 10/10

Profit $$

While these basics are a higher price point than the $4 t-shirt at H&M, it’s reasonable given their environmentally and socially responsible supply chain. on a scale from $-$$$$ I’d rate them $$. Most items are in the $30 range which is pretty affordable, but a $15-25 price-point might be a bit more accessible for more people.

Overall, this is a pretty rad line with basics. Nothing complex. Just essentials for your closet for lounging around the house, working out, or for a simple addition to your outfit. The socks are pretty cozy and the materials feels strong so I have no doubts that it’ll last for a while. Keep checking back to explore more eco-friendly brands!

Organic Basics  t-shirt  and  socks

Organic Basics t-shirt and socks