Wood: An Eco-Friendly Bamboo Brush For Healthy Hair

As you all know by now, I’m a sucker for sustainability and mission-based companies. I like to use my social media and blog to highlight cool companies that are making a difference, and hopefully make shopping ethically a little bit easier for you.

That’s when I stumbled across Lee Eller, Co-Founder of Wood, an eco-friendly bamboo brush that promotes healthy hair. The brush is great and I’ll get into that later, but Lee and Co-Founder Gabriel, are also pretty rad. When I spoke to Lee over the phone, she told me all about her story and I found myself laughing, almost crying and then feeling inspired.

She told me about her dietary struggles growing up and how she experienced extreme hair loss and thinning. She, like many women, went through a period of not loving her body until she couldn’t take it anymore. She changed for the better and made a promise to start living healthily. She found purpose in a plant-based diet and feeling interconnected with all people and animals.

Co-founder Gabriel, lost his hair during a battle with lymphoma and walked away never wanting to take life for granted and the universe connected him to Lee. They bonded over hair and their shared passion to inspire others to have a healthy relationship with their body. That’s one heck of a back-story right? So not only is the brush sustainable, it’s mission is amazing.


The Bamboo

-Helps Disperse your natural hair oils

-Massages your scalp

-Delicately detangles


I tested the brush out on my naturally curly hair to see how it would work. For reference, most brushes break in my hair so I can only use paddle brushes when my hair is somewhat elongated + semi-detangled. I used this after my wash routine in the shower and a light finger detangle and it felt really good on my scalp! The brush promotes hair growth because the bristles stimulate your blood flow and circulation and helps release your natural oils. That’s probably why it felt like such a nice scalp massage. My hair is normally in braids so I don’t need one for every day use, but I will use when I take my braids down. However, I do think this would work well for most hair types for different applications.

So why bamboo? Bamboo is a great alternative to wood because of how fast it grows and matures. While it may take a tree in a forest 100+ years to grow tall, bamboo is a fast growing plant that doesn’t require fertilizer. It also doesn’t need to be re-planted, because it’ll keep re-growing from its own roots. It’s also less water intensive than a regular tree and helps avoid de-forestation. (P.S trees are good, they sequester carbon and make it easier for us to breathe!!). An entire bamboo forest can grow in just a few years without the use of damaging chemicals, which makes it the more eco-friendly wood-like option.

I recommend checking it out if you’re in the market for a new brush. Head over to MyWoodIsGood.com to learn more.

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