Bohemian Rêves: Plant Based Skincare For The Boho Soul

Holding the  rose water toner  made with camellia seed

Holding the rose water toner made with camellia seed

The clean beauty industry is growing and is currently valued at over $13 billion dollars. That means consumers are speaking up and demanding better products that are safer for their skin and bodies, which is great news! With more and more non-toxic products to choose from, which ones should you try? Hopefully I can help by giving honest reviews of companies and products that I’ve tried and liked!

Bohemian Rêves is a line of organic and vegan skin-care and candles that I really enjoyed. The products exceeded all of my expectations with great texture and scents. I tried the smolder body oil, boho glow lip balm, and rose water toner that you can find online here. What I didn’t know is how much I would like the products and how the brand is growing in popularity across the U.S. After posting one picture on my instagram story I got so many DM’s professing their love for the brand.


The smolder body oil is my current favorite of the line. It smells amazing and has several uses. I’ve been using it as a lighter lotion and it also works great on your face if you’d like an extra dewy look. It isn’t greasy and has natural SPF. Its infused with calendula flowers and organic carrot + coconut oil PLUS grapeseed + jojoba oil. One of my favorite additions in the oil was the clear quartz and rose buds floating around. It looks great on my skin, smells lovely, and looks cute sitting on my shelf. It gets extra likes because it’s multi-purpose. Having things that can be used for several purposes means I get to buy less and save space at home.


Body Oil

Use this oil after a shower, before you go out in the sun, for a massage or after exfoliating to stay moisturized.

I also tried the toner, which has a lovely smell. I’ll admit I also use it as a perfume because it smells so good! But it works best for me when I apply it to my face after the shower and before makeup. It’s a nice moisturizing layer that isn’t too intense or heavy.

I recommend giving Bohemian Rêves a try and supporting women owned businesses in the green beauty space. Make sure to support the companies you love that are paving the way towards a greener and cleaner future.