Reprise: Sustainable Activewear Made From Plants

While sustainable efforts are making their way into the fashion industry, innovation in the athletic world is largely focused on performance without always considering human health or the environment. That’s why I was really impressed by woman-owned company Reprise, that started out as a kickstarter to make activewear more sustainably.

I tried out their signature lace leggings and low impact tencel sports bra that were surprisingly soft and comfortable. The leggings were thick enough not to be see-through and a flexible enough fabric for me to do yoga, hike, and get in a good workout. After working for an eco-friendly based laundry company, I started really thinking about the fabrics that I wear and how they can impact my health.

I feel way more comfortable sweating in a plant-based material like tencel that isn’t treated with toxic dyes because I know my body won’t be absorbing anything hazardous. I interviewed Mary, the founder of Reprise to learn more about what inspired her to create such a rad brand!


Mary, Founder

of Reprise

Q: What inspired you to start Reprise?

After working for a few years in finance in New York City I got pretty burned out dedicating all of my time to something that left me feeling unfulfilled. I knew I wanted to start something that gave me energy and focused on problem solving for something I truly cared about. When I learned more about the clothing production process and how much of our clothing is made in a harmful way, I knew exactly that pursuing something that was more creative and pushed me to solve an environmental issue was right where I wanted to be.

Q: Why do you use Tencel vs Polyester in the Reprise line?

Prior to starting Reprise, I actually had no idea what polyester is and how it made up over 60% of my closet. Once I learned that it is essentially just plastic, I knew that we deserved to be wearing better. We no longer eat food with plastics in them, nor do we tolerate toxins and synthetics in our personal care products so it's time to take these out of our clothing as well. I love Tencel for a number of reasons: it's certified nontoxic by Oeko-Tex, it's made from sustainably grown trees without any pesticides, it's hypoallergenic, it's biodegradable and it's incredibly soft. It's so important to have fabric that lets our skin breathe, especially when we workout and polyester doesn't offer that.

Q: What advice would you give to young women looking to be entrepreneurs?

Don't let the fact that someone else might already be out there doing what you want to do stop you from following your passion. None of the existing companies will have your unique take on things and that alone is enough to help you stand apart.

I encourage you to check out reprise and reward companies that are finding creative solutions to the climate crisis. You really can make a difference with simple things like the clothing you buy and the companies that you invest in. Stay up to date with Reprise with a follow on IG: @RepriseActivewear and stay up to date with my latest adventures @GreenGirlLeah like this hike in my Reprise leggings in Gaviota :)