The Golden Elixir: Plant-Based Wellness from Ancient Wisdom

The Golden Elixir is a woman-owned green beauty and wellness company that helps nourish the skin inside and out. Their superfood powders and herbal formulas are inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine to boost mood, ease stress, and fight inflammation.

The Golden Elixir products are organic and packaged in glass, which means they’re free of pesticides and plastic toxins like BPA. Their deep violet glass packaging also looks beautiful and helps protect the products from light, keeping them fresh for longer. I tried two products from The Golden Elixir line: the Golden Superfood Powder and the Phytoactive Face Oil. 

The Golden Elixir Golden Superfood Powder

 I enjoyed the taste of the Golden Superfood Powder, an anti-inflammatory herbal blend of turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, and clove. It also includes black pepper and coconut cream to boost the potency of the healing spices. The deep golden powder is meant to be mixed into nut milk, smoothies, or coffee. I mixed a teaspoon into a hot cup of almond milk and really enjoyed the warming, earthy, and slightly spicy taste. Since I don’t drink coffee, I’m making this powder part of my morning routine to see if it helps elevate my mood in the mornings. It smells delicious and the color is strikingly vibrant, making a fun looking drink.

The Golden Elixir Phytoactive Face Oil

 The dark glass and minimal golden lettering on this product made a beautiful first impression. I was also intrigued by the claims that it repairs, hydrates, and regenerates the skin with plant oils and extracts. It contains eight plant oils: kukui nut, camelina, jojoba, rosehip seed, sea buckthorn, red raspberry seed, helichrysum, and neroli, along with vitamin C, antioxidant CoQ10, and a vegan collagen from sustainably sourced lupine plants. I’ve been using this luxurious face oil as part of my nightly routine and it feels great on my skin. It also works nicely under my makeup for a dewy, but not too shiny, finish.

 I feel good using The Golden Elixir’s products, knowing that I’m supporting a woman entrepreneur and getting high quality, nourishing products that are also produced and packaged sustainably. If you’re interested in wellness I recommend giving them a try :)