You Are Here, Still Rising: An Excerpt From My Journal


One day you will learn that you will meet people who don’t understand you on your journey. Resist the urge to convince them to value you. It’s okay to close a chapter or run away from anything that makes you feel like less of yourself, it doesn’t make you a failure or unloveable.

Just because someone doesn’t see the light in you, doesn’t mean you don’t get to, too.

Remember it’s okay to make mistakes and free yourself from shame anytime you’re able to. The tears you cry and the grief you carry, softens you. This pain can be your power. You want people to grow and be good people, but know where they end and you begin. Their faults are not your obligations to correct and yours aren’t theres. Know these feelings, all feelings, are only temporary.

Be proud of yourself, you are strong. You are still here, still rising, mending, striving and you didn’t give up on life.

You are here. Exactly where you need to be. Don’t get lost in the chaos and clutter. Steer clear. xo

I wrote this in my journal in March and felt really compelled to share it after re-reading it all these months later for whoever may need this. Remember you are still here, still rising, mending, striving. That’s so beautiful.

Journaling has been a really helpful part of my life since I began last year. It helps me get in touch with myself and have a safe space to reflect, decompress and let my thoughts flow candidly. Thank you for reading and love + light to you.

Leah T