Christy Dawn x Madewell Collection

I’m almost too excited to type a blog post, but attention everyone: two of my favorite brands teamed up for a collection. Two brands that are passionate about sustainability + fair trade practices. This is not a drill! Madewell and Christy Dawn have a joint collection! They sent me the dawn midi dress to check out and share with you all.

The Dawn Midi Dress

My favorite thing about Christy Dawn is that their dresses are elegant. I’m usually rocking a Canadian tuxedo (denim on denim for lyfe) so it’s nice switching it up and wearing a dress that makes me want to prance around in flower fields and write poetry. Christy’s simple designs and quality materials make for a really dreamy collection.

Madewell is making strides to be more sustainable and also use fair-trade practices. It’s great to see two big names in the apparel industry working together. I recommend checking them both out and supporting brands that care about people and the planet. See more photos from the photo shoot with @Cherthismoment below: