Pretty Mushroom: Balance and Beauty in Your Favorite Beverage

Pretty Mushroom makes adaptogenic elixirs that help the body perform its best. The company was founded by two people of color with a goal to make wellness more inclusive and approachable while helping others look, feel, and perform their best. They make three different blends using vegan, organic or wild, ethically sourced ingredients. You may remember I teamed up with Pretty Mushroom earlier in 2019 for this interview on wellness and authenticity.

What are adaptogenic blends?

Adaptogens are compounds found in some herbs and mushrooms that help optimize your body’s stress response. They help balance your hormones and maintain equilibrium in your brain and body. Adaptogens enhance your body’s resilience with no negative side effects. Pretty Mushroom makes three adaptogenic blends: Pretty Mushroom, Happy Mushroom, and Genius Mushroom.

All three adaptogenic blends are meant to be added to a favorite drink without altering the flavor too much. I tried each of them, adding 1 teaspoon to my homemade chai tea latte made with strong chai tea, almond milk, and date nectar. I appreciated that none of the blends had a very strong flavor. I like knowing I can get the benefits of herbal tonics without enduring a bad taste.

Pretty Mushroom Blend Review

The Pretty Mushroom Blend contains four adaptogens: turmeric, a potent anti-inflammatory that eases acne, irritation, and aging; cordyceps medicinal mushrooms to fight fatigue and protect skin against UV damage; astralagus to fight eczema and UV-induced skin aging; and rose hips to combat hyperpigmentation and wrinkles and moisturize skin from within. This was my favorite tasting blend since I’m a fan of turmeric, and I love the benefits, especially in sunny California!

Happy Mushroom Blend Review

 The Happy Mushroom Blend contains three adaptogens: reishi medicinal mushroom, a stress reliever; eleuthero root (aka Siberian ginseng), which fights fatigue and increases workout recovery, and ashwaganda, a powerful stress and free radical fighter. This one wasn’t my favorite blend, but it wasn’t offputting either and I was getting a lot of great benefits by drinking it. This is the blend I likely need most in my life.

Genius Mushroom Blend Review

The Genius Mushroom blend has four adaptogens: Lion’s Mane and Snow medicinal mushrooms which both boost learning and memory while protecting against cognitive decline; that powerful stress fighter ashwaganda; and maca root, which improves recall and learning and combats brain aging. This blend was my second favorite, but I still like Pretty Mushroom best.

 I am happy knowing that the founders of Pretty Mushroom care about my health, the environment, and the well-being of their suppliers. And I’m always happy to enhance my natural beauty from the inside out!