A Conversation With Artist Alja Horvat

A year ago I stumbled across a painting of a woman with brown skin, just like mine, surrounded by beautiful flowers. The image was soft, but powerful, with colors that made me feel at home. I could see myself in the images and the scenes she painted reminded me of how I strive to be: confident, free and in a room filled with flowers. I knew I wanted a piece of art by the artist and that’s when I found Alja Horvat. In the past few years her career has taken off with her paintings on building windows and even at Urban Outfitters. Now I gladly have her Crazy Plant Lady print in my room, which has completed the space. Hear in her own words, how she started her journey and what inspires her below.

Can you tell me about yourself and your story?

I am Alja Horvat, 22 years ols girl from Slovenia. I studied graphic design in Ljubljana, and started taking art as my job and business in 2017, when I was still attending the university. Art has been part of my life since I was a kid - my mom is a kindergarden teacher and they always did art projects in kindergarden. And she had a lot of art magazines when I was young, and in my free time I was doing all sort of project from them. 


Representation is really important, it's monumental when girls are able to look at art and see themselves in it. You've done a great job of seamlessly incorporating diverse women into your work, was this intentional or what inspired you to keep the subjects of your paintings diverse? 

My  slightly crookedly hung  Crazy Plant Lady print next to my bed and on top of my crystal collection.

My slightly crookedly hung Crazy Plant Lady print next to my bed and on top of my crystal collection.

I advocate that we are all the same, no matter the height,weight,colour,gender. I treat everybody equally and I just can't believe how people can treat someone differently based on their skin colour, or their looks. Women I am drawing all seem same to me.

Some of your pieces embody what the perfect self-care day would look like for me, sitting in my teva sandals surrounded by plants! What does self care look like to you?

Self care for me is having relaxed, healthy and happy mind. What you think is how you feel. I try not to worry much and not to stress about things. When you have a problem, try not to worry about it too much. If you have a solution for it, work on erasing the problem. If there is no solution for the problem, there is absolutely nothing you can do - so why worry? Worrying won't make your problems dissapear. Otherwise, selfcare for me is wearing no make-up, taking a bath, wearing comfortable clothes, and doing face masks. 

Attempting to learn Fleetwood Mac

Attempting to learn Fleetwood Mac

The colors that you use, feel easy on the eyes and are very captivating. What's your thought process when you consider what colors to work with?

I try to choose colour that I would wear, I never work with colours that I wouldn't wear on clothes. I was always a big fan of pastel colours and earthy tones. Maybe this is because I am capricorn. 

What advice do you have for other artists looking to develop an engaged following? 

Take time to reply to all the comments and messages. I always try to make friends with my followers and help them with advices. If someone ends up in my dms, asking me about how I do my art, what paints I use etc. I always reply to them - I try to imagine that I am in their shoes, looking for advice, it would make my day if someone who I look up to would reply to my message.

Otherwise, ceeate good quality content and remember,instagram is not your life. 

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