Clean, Green, Beauty with Lilly Be


After learning about the #CleanBeautyRevolution I shared My Simple Vegan Makeup Routine on Since then I've dedicated my time to being more conscious about what I put on my skin. I think the best approach to greening your beauty routine is to take baby steps and test out new green beauty products every month. To make the switch easier for you I've been seeking out brands that promote both accessibility and planet friendly beauty. I got to chat withLilly Becreator Lissette to learn more about their mission and how they are taking part in the Clean Beauty Revolution.

What is the story behind Lilly Be?

Our story is one of pursuing passion and being at one with nature. I have worked with organic botanicals to create home remedies, beauty elixirs, and alternative care for about 20 years. I became a Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist nearly 10 years ago now. I have had a passion and admiration for nature’s gifts as long as I can remember.

I officially launched Lilly Be to the public in 2015. I chose some of my best blends and created new ones based on customers’ needs. All of my products are formulated with synergy in order to create the most effective blend that targets both skincare needs and natural stress relief. Because of our deep respect for nature, we ensure that we use the cleanest version of each botanical and require that all ingredients have organic certification. Ultimately, Lilly Be is a 100% clean beauty line that provides our world with safe, effective, organic products.

What is green beauty and why is it important to you?

Green Beauty is all about using what nature readily provides. Nature is the original medicine. Green Beauty is about connecting to those gifts and using them for beauty, ailments, homeopathic care and many other daily needs. Green Beauty is important to me because it is an avenue in which I can creatively express my passion, while enhancing youthful skin and promoting a positive state of mind. It is also a healthy way to appreciate your body. There are so many artificial, chemical based products that promise beauty and youth, but are poisoning our blood stream with parabens, synthetics, dyes, fragrances, and other unhealthy ingredients. Nature has effective, amazing, natural chemical constituents that can target all the same needs people seek in a healthy way. I enjoy using organics and hope to pass that love along to our world.


How can green beauty become more accessible to a wider audience?

I believe it already has. People are becoming so aware that our skin is the largest organ and that it is absorbing everything we lather onto it. We know that certain ingredients lead to adverse health. Even older generations, who are used to using designer brands that are recognized as unhealthy today, are open to swapping those products out for clean beauty products. Social media has been an amazing outlet in promoting green beauty. Blogs, such as this one you have launched here, provide access to healthy lifestyle choices as well. Large retail stores are designating sections to clean beauty. Every week I have new customers approach me because they are interested in using organic skincare. They want to incorporate clean beauty because they know of the adverse effects from products they formerly used. This is a testament to the growth that is already taking place.

What are your favorite products in the line?

Definitely my facial care, Gentle Apricot and Anti-Aging. These two products are my top sellers. They are amazing for balancing, cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, and firming facial skin.


What advice do you have for a customer transitioning to a green beauty routine?

Keep it Simple! Start with the product you think will work best for you, and then work in more and more over time. I am still transitioning certain products to organic. Everything over time and do it because you enjoy it! It has to work for you.

You can follow Lilly Be on instagram at @Lillybeorganics to stay up to date and checkout the website at In early August  Lilly Be, Splurge Skincare, and more brands will be partnering with GGF for an instagram green beauty giveaway to get you started on making the transition to clean beauty. Stay tuned!