10 Eco-Swimwear Brands Doing the Most for Mother Earth


I'm really passionate about slow and ethical fashion and I'm excited to share this list with you. I want ethical and sustainable fashion to be more accessible so I partnered with Savannah Boyne, a student at Richmond University, to put together a list of brands making a difference in sustainable swimwear. Thank you Savannah for writing this piece for the blog! See below: 

By: Savannah Boyne, Richmond The American International University

Now that summer is in full swing, many of us are looking twice at our sun-bleached favorites, wondering if we can do better.

Of all the sustainable swimwear brands in the world, these 10 fit the perfectly laid-back-but-chic Southern California Girl vibe that can be oh, so alluring but difficult to perfect. The best part? Each brand does their part to make the environment a better, cleaner place.

How? By reducing current plastic pollution, supporting international charities and creating high quality eco-luxe suits to last and be loved, without the threat of breaking down and causing further pollution. There’s a style for everyone, whether you’re a mermaid-goddess or sunbathing queen, these brands have it all!

1.      Holiday Romance

Holiday Romance is an environmentally conscious label inspired by the romance and nostalgia of travel. All collections are made from recycled waste, ocean waste and chlorine-resistant Lycra to help reduce current pollution while limiting the loss of microfibers in order to prevent further pollution. A portion of all profits are donated to the Healthy Seas Foundation.

Check out these adorable pieces: 

Valentina Multiway Bikini Top: $46 | Iconic Bikini Pant: $39.30

2.      NOW_THEN

NOW_THEN is a brand made by ocean lovers and adventurous souls who believe that the ocean is a magic place worth protecting. Their swimwear and ocean wear are fit for surfing, diving and every adventure in between. Every swimsuit produced recycles marine debris and nylon waste, and wetsuits are made from ecoprene, so your adventures can keep on, keeping on.


3.      Josea Surfwear

Josea Swimwear combines design, functionality and sustainability to create a movement driven by passion, love and being bold. All styles are filled with bright patterns and flattering designs so you can feel your best, doing your best. Shop: Josea Surfwear

4.      Atoll Swim

Atoll Swim draws inspiration from the magic of the ocean, surfing and long beach days to provide high quality swimwear for the water-obsessed babes within. By focusing on simply beautiful swimwear without seams, ties or hardware, Atoll Swim focuses on fit and comfort, with earth-friendly fabrics as soft as they are tough. Shop: Atoll Swim

Current Favorites: Kailua-Kona Top: $80 | Waikiki Bottoms: $76

5.      Amara Tulum

Amara Tulum creates eco-luxe swimwear with reversible prints, curve-flattering silhouettes and daring cuts for the fearless and feminine. All pieces can be mixed and matched, so you’re never short of options. Shop: Amara Tulum

6.      The Reformation

The Reformation has answered our sustainable dreams with their modern-retro swimwear line that is oh-so-perfect! Ref swimwear celebrates the feminine figure and prioritizes fit and body diversity. The design process begins with what they want to wear right now, using the most sustainable fabrics possible to bring those designs to life quickly. Shop: The Reformation

Website Faves: Heidi Bikini Top: $78 in Beverly| Greta Bikini Bottom: $68 in Beverly

7.      OHOY Swimwear

With a focus on Scandinavian simplicity and a responsibility to look after the environment, all OHOY products are produced from plastic and fishing nets collected from the ocean and are recycled into luxurious Italian fabric. All swimwear is tested in real-life conditions for year-round adventures and best of all, they are made to stay put and beautiful - no matter what. Shop: OHOY Swimwear

Swimsuit faves: Beirut Top: $65 | Beirut Bottom: $53

8.      allSisters

allSisters is a Barcelona-based, eco-friendly swimwear brand that creates high-end swimsuits for the modern woman who love fashion and sports. allSisters aims to create comfortable, elegant and timeless pieces you can rely on, that respect the female body as well as the environment and Earth’s natural resources. Shop: allSister

9.      Baiia

Baiia is an Australian based eco-swimwear brand that prioritizes sustainability, versatility and durability in all of their wonderful products. All Baiia’s actions surrounding recycled materials and water-based dyes help reduce soil contamination and air and water pollution. Not to mention, Baiia suits are vibrant, unique and figure-flattering for every body type!

Shop: Baiia

Marrakech Reversible Bikini Top: $58.32

Marrakech Reversible Bikini Bottoms: $58.32

10.  OceanZen Bikini

OceanZen represent a lifestyle that free-spirited, ocean-loving mermaids find easily relatable. OceanZen was inspired by a passion for the ocean and how polluted our oceans have become. OceanZen is doing their part by saving the ocean, one bikini at a time!

Shop: OceanZen

Sandy Seahorse Top: $80 | Sandy Seahorse Bottoms: $80