Green Your Life & Home with Mackenzie Crigger


Mackenzie Crigger is the Energy Conservation & Sustainability Manager at Chapman University in Orange, CA. She has dedicated her life to promoting solutions to create a greener and cleaner future.Luckily, she shared some of her favorite tips with us to help us reduce waste, save energy, and save money.

Mackenzie has been eco-conscious since she was a little kid. So much that she warped a cassette that her parents bought her with songs about saving the rain forest and recycling! In her adult life, she became sort of an evangelist about saving the planet. She’d talk with anyone who’d listen about environmentalism and what they could do to decrease their impact.

An Easy Place To Get Green Is At Home

“A few really easy things you can do at home is not turn on your air conditioner until it gets to 78 degrees indoors, and don’t turn your heat on until it is 68 degrees indoors. Use shades or drapes to keep out hot sun in the middle of the day, or if you’re in a cold climate, use thick curtains over your windows for extra insulation. Also use natural light whenever possible and upgrade your lighting to LEDs. They’ve gotten much cheaper and now come in warmer color temperatures. ”

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Is your space full of clutter? Save the planet and gain peace of mind by tryingminimalism.

Look At Your Diet & Cut Your Showers Short

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“One of the easiest things you can do to be more eco-friendly is to cut down the amount of meat you eat. Red meat is especially water-intensive (to get one pound of meat, it requires enough water to shower for two weeks straight– without turning off your shower!). Another thing you can do is keep showers short. I like to see if I can get my whole shower done before Britney Spears finishes 2 songs, which is about 6 minutes! This saves water and electric/gas (for heating water).”

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Get Thrifty

“One more easy thing to do is hit the thrift stores when you need a new piece of furniture or a new piece for your wardrobe. You’ll find unique pieces that no one else has, for a price that is good for your wallet and the planet.”

Talk With Friends & Loved Ones

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“For me, so much of inspiring others has been showing them how easy it is to make choices that are better for the environment. My boyfriend is a big Dodger fan, so when we started dating, I suggested taking the train to game and he, at first, was very against it. Like a true Californian, he loves his car! But once I got him on the train and he saw how nice it was to not fight traffic, he’s now the one who suggests taking the train when we are going somewhere.”