☆ I'm Launching An Advice Column ☆

I’ve always been a fan of advice columns and it’s been my dream to start one. I’m excited to launch a new section of my website called Heart to Heart: An advice column on love, life and wellness on July 1st. To start, I’ll need questions to answer! You can submit anonymously via this link or by email at greengirlleah@gmail.com

I’m taking questions on wellness, love + dating, sustainable living, career and any other dilemma you might be facing. I’ll answer all questions without judgement and complete anonymity.

My experience: Well i’m no therapist, but I’ve attended a few therapy sessions! In all seriousness though, in my experience as a wellness blogger I’ve learned a few things and I feel confident that I can answer your question with empathy, compassion and zero judgement. I’m not an expert but I’ve been trained in peaceful conflict resolution and have a lot of funny, and not so funny, life experiences that have taught me a lot. Sometimes we all need a listening ear and I’d like to be that for you! I’m looking forward to this new section of the site and can’t wait to listen to you all!

All questions welcome, please no trolls…, but don’t be shy. No question is ever dumb.

Love + Light

Leah T