Keeping Your House Baby and Eco Friendly


If you're a green mom, you've probably thought of ways to keep your house both eco and baby-friendly. There are so many harsh chemicals out there floating around in conventional cleaners. My philosophy is, whenever you clean off a counter top you shouldn't have to wash it down with soap before you cook on it or place your little one on the counter. Shouldn't cleaners clean on their own and leave surfaces safe to touch afterwards?

I started using ECOS green cleaners when I joined the Earth Friendly Products team and I've become more aware of what I use to clean around the house. Although I don't have a baby, I've got little cousins and spent years babysitting and nannying to know how often clean-up duty comes around.

In a perfect world all cleaners would be safe enough to drink if you had to, but unfortunately many make me feel uneasy about preparing food after a counter top spray down.

So, what should we do? 

Gravitate towards cleaners without harsh chemicals and those powered by green chemistry.

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My favorite brand of course for cleaning sprays and soaps would be ECOS. I also started using Baby ECOS fruit and veggie wash before eating my fruits and veggies. For my moms, green cleaners are the way to go for your baby's sensitive skin just in case they come into contact with a surface cleaner. In general, pick a product that has ingredient transparency and check product labels to make sure you aren't misled. Look for products that are Safer Choice Certified and have other important environmental honors.

Use sustainable wash cloths

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I like to use products that are made with sustainability in mind to clean my home. Like these organic bamboo baby wash cloths. Even when you're cleaning with green cleaners, take it one step further and purchase recycled cleaning supplies or organic and ethically made wash cloths and towels.

Use safe dish soap

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Consider rechecking your labels and making sure your dish soap is also safe. You'll be eating and drinking from your dishes so they should cleaned without harsh chemicals. Plant powered cleaners are my go-to and for my moms out there, you'll want to look up product lines that are also baby safe.

Comment to let me know your favorite green cleaners!