Sustainable Lounging with L'Aquila Active and LA Relaxed

Wearing  L’Aquila Activewear  LA Relaxed Sherpa Sunday Set

Wearing L’Aquila Activewear LA Relaxed Sherpa Sunday Set

I’m so inspired by brands that make the choice to make and sell products that cause the least harm to the earth as possible. In a world of fast fashion, where the majority of big retailers use harmful chemicals and environmentally degrading practices to turn over clothes quickly, the brands that turn away from that and find sustainable solutions are heroic in my eyes.

When first transitioning to sustainable and ethical fashion it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why I share some of my favorite brands here with you to make it a little easier to know where to shop.

Some of my friends call me the “Nap Queen” because there’s no denying I love a good nap. I’m a busy-bee, so during my time at home I like to lounge around and love a good groufit (gray-outfit). So I opted to try L’Aquila Active’s Sherpa Sunday set from LA Relaxed.  

L’Aquila Active is a one-stop shop to browse and buy from a lot of sustainable activewear companies. In their own words:

“We strongly believe that Eco-conscious and sustainable apparel isn’t just for the future, it’s also for TODAY. That’s why we have created one of the first platforms for sustainable companies from around the world. All of our collections are created by small companies that deeply care about their employees, customers, and the environment. “ L’Aquila Active

so cozy!

so cozy!

This Sunday Sherpa set is so soft and cozy, but still breathable. It’ll keep you warm enough in the house without breaking out in a sweat. 

It’s Made of Tencel™ Modal/Poly Sherpa fabric. I’ve mentioned tencel previously, it’s becoming a sustainable fiber alternative for activewear that has the same quality of other fabrics. It’s a moveable material and great from yoga and other activities (or naps in my case).

Every brand in L’Aquilla’s collection is eco-concious and dedicated to sustainability. They carry brands like yogavated, that sources fabrics from recycled scraps, and Yoga democracy, that uses 95% recycled fibers during production. The set I have is from LA Relaxed, and they use plant-based and organic fibers that are safer and healthier for everyone at every point in the supply chain. 

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Use code “GreenGirlLeah” for a discount and you’ll also receive a FREE Bamboo Straw Kit – Custom Beach Theme with your purchase

I recommend giving them a try and follow along here: L’Aquila Active: Instagram: l_aquila_active • Facebook: L’Aquila Active