River Organics: Green Beauty Review


I love green beauty and I'd shout that from a rooftop!

Around a year ago, I transformed my beauty routine into mostly green after interviewingGreen Beauty Expert Paige Padgett on Kimberlyelise.com. You won't believe the harsh chemicals that go into a lot of mainstream beauty products. For those new to green beauty, it basically encompasses a wide variety of cruelty-free and organic products that are safer for your face and body.

What you put ON your body is just as important as what you put IN it

I stumbled across River Organics oil based beauty line that uses plant oils and butters. Their products are organic and that means their oils come from plants that weren't grown with pesticides or chemicals.

They also use recyclable glass amber bottles for oils and reduce excess packaging as much as possible. Today I will be reviewing two lip balms and the Aura Facial oil.


I used the organic tinted lip balm in beige and rouge. Their packaging is adorable and easily recyclable. Beige is now a staple in my everyday beauty routine because its light color works well with my brown features. It glides on easily with a creamy texture and stays on for a while. If you're looking for a replacement for your non-organic lip balm, this might be for you.

Here is some info about the lip balms from my interview with the River Organics team below:

Lip Balms:

-The lip balms are our most popular product and we find they have just the right creamy texture to moisturize lips and also give them a naturally plump look.

The recipe for the lip balms came about as a mistake. We were following a recipe but ended up having to make a few substitutions. We found that these subs helped in giving it a unique and long lasting texture and feel.

-The lip balms of course come in our very special recyclable packaging and are actually double the size of a regular plastic tube lip balm.

-A lot of people ask how to push down the lip balm once it is popped up from the bottom so they can close the cap.

Tip: Hit it on a hard surface and it will slide down, or my favorite way is to push it back in with my lips! You can also just keep it at a low level.

News: There will be two colors coming out in October a darker berry for fall and another secret color to be announced soon! Stay in touch on our newsletter so you can find out more.


Next I tried the roll on organic face oil with rosehip, carrot and blood orange oil. Usually I'm skeptical about putting oils on my face because I oddly enough like it feeling dry, but this oil is different. You can control how much you put on easily with the roll on feature in the packaging. I've been using it before putting on my makeup because it actually helps the rest of my makeup blend really well. The smell is really quaint and you get a lovely scent of orange. It isn't too overpowering or heavy. A+ for sustainable packaging, light oil texture, and scent.

Here are some tips and a big announcement from River Organics exclusively for GGF:

Big announcement:

Aura will soon be customizable! We find that so many of our clients have specific issues they want to target so we will be coming out with a range of 'Skin Boosters' that work with with Aura's formula...more to come in October.

Here is the full list of ingredients with more in depth explanation if needed :

✧ Safflower improves skin texture and softness containing a high level of linoleic fatty acid (Omega 6 fatty acids) to regenerate cells. ✧Rosehip oil penetrates the deep layers of the skin to regenerate cells and increase collagen production. It contains Retinoic acid to help to reduce wrinkles and brighten the Complexion, as well as Vitamin C, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids for healing scars and improving the skin''s texture. ✧Carrot seed oil is a natural Antioxidant with high levels of Carotenoids which are components of Vitamin A as well as Tocopherol, a fat-soluble form of vitamin E which penetrates deep into the skin as a powerful antioxidant.

SCENT - Sweet citrus scent of Blood Orange Essential Oil which helps to ease nervous tension and boost the mood.HOW TO USE - Apply 3-4 drops to fingers and massage gently into the face. Great to use as a light oil during the day as a base under sunscreen, to refresh makeup during the day and of course as a restoring night oil.

✧ 100% Plant Ingredients, 100% Vegan Friendly ✧ Paraben free, Sulfate free, Phthalate, Cruelty free


I'm really happy with River Organics and I only feature products that I truly like. I used the products for two weeks before posting about them to truly see if I liked the products. I've been using the oil everyday before adding my foundation as well as the beige lip balm. I recommend giving River Organics a try and applaud them for their dedication to keeping products safe!

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