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Trying Tea Delivery with Daintea

Trying Tea Delivery with Daintea

Tea has always been a big part of my life because I strongly dislike the taste of coffee. For all the other tea-drinking-coffee-despisers like me you should give a tea order service a try.

Working 9-5 I don't always have time to make the perfect batch of refreshing tea to kick off my morning or lunch break. So when I found Daintea, by 19 year old creator Iman Berri, I knew I was in.

After having a health crisis, I was also more than willing to use a delivery service. Having that option to get a box of new exciting teas and put them in my fridge felt like getting a new present while I was on bed-rest. I kid you not, the package arriving was the most exciting part of my day along with trying and smelling each flavor.

I must admit, I was initially attracted to Daintea because of the adorable bottles and tea color scheme. The few pictures I did see on the instagram @dainteateas and on dainteabeverages.com, were too cute to pass up. I like simple and nostalgic bottles because they remind me of my grandma's house. She has so many knicknacks in her kitchen and the glass bottles were an extra plus for reduced environmental impact.

I wanted to know the story behind Daintea and reached out to Iman to know where the idea came from. At only 19 years old she's already tapped into a new market and appealed to people in need of refreshing teas.

"I would make my own teas as a remedy for my dehydration and awakening during study sessions for college and that’s where I felt like I could do something with my homemade tea recipes." ~Iman

I tried the 8.5 ounce variety pack and my absolute favorites were chamomile and peppermint. The flavors were light enough to be refreshing, but strong enough to give you a memorable taste.

Tea Flavors:

Black Tea

Chamomile Tea

Ginger Lea

Lavender Tea

Peppermint Tea

Rosemary Tea

"College was getting tough and as I am now taking a break from college, this is my focus. I plan to pursue my company all the way even with obstacles coming my way. My goal is to become a successful entrepreneur as I am doing this completely on my own with very little support. I want to open up my own Daintea shop as the company grows and this is my lifetime goal."~Iman

With pricing from $23.99-32.99 for a six pack of teas (16 oz or 8.5 oz). They currently only ship on the West Coast, but I trust and believe they'll expand in the future!

I can't stress how great it was to walk up to my door with a tea package waiting for me. It felt like one of those box subscription services, but even better. I recommend giving a tea delivery service like Daintea a try especially if you're a tea enthusiast. Plus, you get to keep the cool bottles and use them again and support and inspiring girl who I believe will make waves in the tea world.

You can follow the daintea on instagram @dainteateas


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