Wednesday Wisdom: Uplift Those You Love

Uplift the people you love. That positive energy will be brought back to you and increase confidence in you both.

Happy Wednesday everyone. I've been doing a three day health challenge with the beautiful Salina of My Honey & Co. Each day we end the night with a moment of meditation to increase mindfulness and a centered mind. These past few days I've been centering my thoughts around gratitude.

There are so many beautiful people that will enter our lives. Some people are there for one season and others for decades. All of these people touch us and make a splash, a lot of those splashes being positive and life changing. From my beautiful mother who calms my soul to my eccentric grandmother who offers remedies for upset stomachs and body aches, I am thankful for them all.

Some days we feel like we could use a pick-me up and are feeling low due to circumstances in life that are out of our control. Think back on a time where a random compliment from a stranger threw you off guard and brought a smile to your face. Think of that warm feeling you get when someone in your life does something to make the stresses of life melt away even if just for one moment.

Some of the happiest moments in my life recently were when my love danced, somewhat offbeat, around my living room just to make me smile. Those little moments are beautiful and mean more than any expensive gift could.

Today and for the rest of the week I encourage you to take the time to verbally thank people and express what they mean to you. Tell them what they might need to hear, even if you assume they already know. Let them know what their acts of kindness make you feel or how thankful you are for an experience you had together even if it were years ago.

When you uplift the people you care about, you pour love into the foundations of your friendship and boost confidence in you both. Give love freely and spread it widely.