Christy Dawn: Ethical, Sustainable and Elegant Dresses

Christy Dawn makes some of the most majestic dresses I’ve ever seen. They’re simple, but elegant and most importantly—made sustainably. I’ve never felt so beautiful in a dress, maybe prom, but my Christy Dawn Petite Elsa Dress is a close tie.

I’m an advocate for sustainable fashion because of the intense environmental impact of the fashion industry. I want to spotlight brands here that are taking strides to be more ethical and sustainable. Christy Dawn is one of those brands that I’m really happy to tell you about.

The fashion industry is responsible for over 20% of the world’s industrial water pollution. This is largely caused by the toxic chemicals used to transform raw materials into textiles. Christy Dawn uses deadstock fabric, collected and recycled from fashion mills and other designers, as an innovative solution to decrease their environmental footprint during manufacturing. Using deadstock means limited fabrics and colorways and less waste that ends up in landfills. You can feel special knowing you have a one of a kind dress made in L.A.

“No matter how a piece of clothing looks, it cannot be considered beautiful if, in producing it, the environment is destroyed or people are exploited. When deciding on where we spend our money, we all have an obligation to consider how a product is made and the impact its process has on the planet and its people” ~Christy Dawn

Let’s get into the dress. I decided to take it on a vacation to Joshua Tree (one of my favorite places) and it made me feel powerful, elegant, and soft all at the same time. Firstly, I’m 5’3 so I get really excited when brands have a petite line. The amount of petite dresses in Christy’s collection is increasing and the fit worked well enough for me to wear boots underneath. I love showing off my boots so this was an extra plus on the design team’s part. Maxi dresses for petite gals can be a challenge with getting the proportions right, but this fit was great.

The Elsa dress is a wrap dress, that surprisingly didn’t unravel and blow all over the place in the desert, with a plunge neckline and A-line skirt. It pairs really well with a set of heels, boots, and a pair of earrings. You can find the Dawn Dress in several patterns on the website.

In addition to manufacturing sustainably, Christy values her workers and even highlights them on the product pages. There’s a story behind every dress and Christy Dawn is transparent about the ethical process and support of their workers. They pay a premium for some of the most talented seamstresses in L.A. and pay a living wage and offer health benefits and paid vacations. Knowing the dresses are made in a supportive environment makes me adore the brand even more. Okay, i’m a fan as you can see.

So, how does Christy Dawn stack up with the triple p’s (people, profit, planet)? They treat their people well and ethically, the products are on the higher end side $$, but they’re making tremendous efforts to minimize their environmental impact and pay a living wage. I give them an A with the triple p’s and would recommend looking at the line for special occasions.

What are you waiting for, grab yourself a dress and make this world a beautiful and better place! Check out more pictures from my trip to Joshua Tree below and follow them on instagram @ChristyDawn